Tea Q & A

At Tetley, our expert tea tasters get lots of questions about tea - here are a few of their favourites

How do you make a proper cup of tea?
We all make tea the way we like it but there are a few fundamentals that help to get the best out of your cuppa - always use fresh water and bring it to the boil (re-boiled water has less oxygen in it and does not brew so well). If you do use a pot, take the bags out when the tea is brewed so the second cup is just as good as the first. Oh, and always use a Tetley tea.

Where does the tea we drink come from?
Most of us know that tea comes from China, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and India but less well known are countries like Kenya, Malawi, Argentina, Indonesia and Turkey. The tea we drink in the UK comes mainly from Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and China.

How much caffeine is ok to take in per day and how many cuppas is that?
Tea contains only small amounts of caffeine and you'd need to consume over 6 cups a day to reach a 'moderate' caffeine intake.

Is your tea Fairtrade?
We are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership which works to monitor the conditions of tea production around the world to ensure that they comply with relevant employment laws and union agreements in their country

Tea is all the same isn't it?
Tea comes from one plant, camellia sinensis, but is grown in many different countries, at different altitudes, in different soil types and different weather conditions. These natural factors will all affect the taste of the tea, so we select and blend them together to get the best attributes of each of the gardens that we buy from, to deliver the right blend for our tea drinkers.

Do you buy tea from just one producer?
One producer would not be able to provide us with enough tea every day to keep Tetley tea drinkers supplied with their favourite brew. We choose to blend many different producers' teas together, from many different countries, so that we provide a consistent Tetley taste, bringing out the best characteristics of all the different teas that we buy.

Are herbal teas from the same plant?
No, herbal teas, such as camomile or peppermint do not contain any camellia sinensis (the tea plant), so they should really be called infusions.

What is the difference between green tea and black tea? Are they from different plants?
Green tea and black tea both come from the same plant - camellia sinensis. After tea is plucked the leaf is left to whither in order to become soft and malleable prior to cutting. The cutting process releases enzymes and exposes the tea to oxidation. With black tea, this oxidation is allowed to continue until the leaf is brown before it is 'fired' in an oven to stop the fermentation process. Green tea will have little or none of this fermentation which is why it remains green.

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